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How to use, "Twitter" for Traffic.

How to use, "Twitter" for Traffic.

Twitter Traffic-Brevity. That's the trademark of Twitter. Trying to keep it short and simple is Twitter's motto. Twitter is a social networking system coupled with a mini weblog system which allows twitterers to submit short bits of knowledge called tweets to others and also allows other people to see your tweets. To do this, one twitterer must follow the other and be on each other's network. Twitterers can also retweet something tweeted to them.Twitter has been used as a marketing strategy to raise web traffic and generate curiosity about something. Tweets are text-based and allows for only 140 characters for each tweet. Tweets are delivered to the recipients on the twitterers list. Tweets may be sent by way of mobile phone or Internet.
Twitter traffic is created in the event the followers have an interest in your specialized niche market. Twitter has forced marketers to figure out ways to seize the reader's attention in 140 characters or less. Tweets always incorporate a web address that allows the recipient to click the hyperlink and be taken to the tweeters internet site. Exactly the same occurs in the event that one of the readers retweets, or resend, the tweet to their list of recipients
Twitter traffic is generated by those that are interested in what you have to provide. You are discovering your specialized niche market while you continue to include readers with the same interest. As your tweets are retweeted, you will probably get converts from that group which didn't realize they were curious about the niche before they first viewed it.
Like any type of marketing, it requires a serious effort to get Twitter traffic and to keep it coming. One tweet won't create traffic but numerous tweets will commence the traffic-generating in your favor. The information has to be relevant, interesting and eye-catching.
Something as trivial as growing flowers may end up being a means of advertising. On your web page just include a Twitter link. In any advertising always include a Twitter hyperlink and whenever publishing a web page, also include a Twitter link. One of the best things about Twitter is that tweets may be generated at any time from any location. If you have a thought about anything you believe your readers will find enlightening while you're watching a hockey game, such as, whip out the mobile phone and tweet away. Should you get up during the night with a tweet of a lifetime, there is no need to get out of bed to get the job done. Your tweet will most likely actually generate more Twitter traffic.
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Increasing Your Twitter Following Quickly

If you are already on Twitter and are using it as a business tool, good for you. If you're not on Twitter yet, it's very easy to join and it's free. Just follow the prompts at and you'll be on before you know it. Before you do anything else, upload your picture to Twitter so people can see what you or your brand logo looks like. This is the start of branding yourself via Twitter.The next step is to add a bio to your profile. You can look at what other people are putting and come up with one of your own. Ideally, you should list your business interests and add a dash of humor.
After you get those two things going, start following a few people you know and who know you. Tweet in their direction by using an @ in front of their Twitter name. This ensures that they will see it when they check their "mentions" (their @name) on their Twitter page. And everyone checks because they want to know who's talking to them or about them. Don't forget to use the @ sign.
So you've got a couple tweets out there and you're following a few people. The next step is to throw in a few retweets (RT), which you do by taking someone else's profound or informative tweet and copying and pasting it in with an RT and @theirname added to the front of it.
Offer some great tweet quotes yourself and be sure to tweet about any awesome article you just read, including the link. You are making yourself useful and your tweets valuable.
Now... you can start following lots of people and most of them will follow you back. What's the purpose of this? Well, the more targeted followers you have on Twitter, the more likely some of them will buy from you when you tweet occasional promotions of your products or services.
All the steps you've done prior to this ensure that your Twitter profile is attractive to others. When you follow them, they're going to check out your Twitter page (unless they do auto-follows) and see if you're worth following.
To get targeted followers, go to well-known marketers in your field of interest. For example, if you're an internet marketer you'll want to follow people like Joel Comm, John Reese, Mike Filsaime, etc... whoever you'd like to follow.
Okay, take it one step further now by clicking on their followers in the upper right hand of their Twitter page. People who follow them are probably people you want to have follow you, right? So follow these people and they'll most likely follow you back. Hover your clicker over their name and it will show their bio. If the bio looks like they're in your field or a complementary field, click on the follow button. If you're not sure, click on their name and check out their Twitter page.
As of this writing, Twitter allows you to follow 1000 new people per day, but don't take it that fast. It looks a little suspicious if you are following 2200 people and you've only tweeted 7 times.
Follow these hints to increase your followers on Twitter. Yes, Twitter is about building relationships with other Twitterers, and it can really help your business to build relationships with your targeted audience.

Twitter Client Applications

Twitter Client Applications
The biggest problem with the standard Twitter web application is that you have to keep an eagle eye on your replies and Direct Messages as you only see the main Tweetstream on the screen. It is also limited in that it only displays about the last 20 tweets, so if you want to see older ones, you have to keep going back pages.So what to do?Easy, download Tweetdeck from http://www.tweetdeck.comThe first thing you will probably notice is that you will need to change the settings as the default is white text on a black screen. Makes it hard to read I've found, but each to their own.Tweetdeck is brilliant in that it displays the Tweetstream, your replies and your direct messages all on the one screen. The message columns allow for 500 tweets as a default, so scrolling down allows you to go back a fair way or search for tweets you may want to refer back to.The screen has a continuous right hand scroll, so you can set up different groups and their tweets will appear in that column. You might have a group called best friends and another for gardeners for instance. That way you don't miss important tweets from people who are more important to you than others. At the time of writing, Tweetdeck is probably the most widely used application for Twitter and I would highly recommend it to you.
Your Tweets
Start getting some tweets into the system now. On the Twitter home page, it asks What You Are Doing. Quite frankly many people don't care until you have built a relationship with them as a result of following. But there are some good ways to get started.
Follow some blogs that you are interested in via an RSS feed to a feed reader such as Google. (Search these on Google if you are not familiar with the terms. There is heaps of information on there and could occupy an ebook of its own.) Start by posting links to interesting posts on Twitter about them with a link to the blog post. For example: "Interesting post on pest control in tomatoes. Link". Make sure you always include http:// in the link and not just www so the link is clickable in the Tweetstream. If it's a long link, Tweetdeck has a facility to shorten it to a small url.
Another good way of starting out tweeting is with quotes. Do a search for some quotes of interest and tweet these. Personal development ones are great and also quotes by famous people. Here's one I just found in the Tweetstream as an example: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle. There are thousands of these all over the internet that you can use.
Whatever you do, at no stage of your Twitter career start posting sales tweet after sales tweet. Your career will be shortlived if you do and people will unfollow you very quickly.
Twitter is about engagement, value and a social experience. A constant flow of sales links is just not on. By all means post links to your products or sites, but keep them to around 5% of your total tweets at the most.
Another good idea with your tweeting is to keep religion and politics out of them. These subjects can only alienate followers and you can lose them.
You can reply to someone's Tweet simply by putting the @symbol in front of their name. This makes the tweet stand out to them as it appears in their reply column or page instead of in the general Tweetstream. It is a very useful way of starting conversations with people in order to build relationships. Simply comment on one of their tweets.
Tweetdeck has a feature when you hover over the user's avatar to put their name and reply symbol straight into the posting area.
People appreciate retweets and it is a good way to get noticed by others. All you do is put RT in front of the @username. Using Tweetdeck, hover over the user's avatar and it will put the whole thing in the posting area. Separate their tweet from your comment if you have one. I usually put two pipes, which is holding down the Shift key on the character. This will produce "||" which clearly shows the end of the other person's tweet and your reply or comment.
If other people retweet your tweets, make it a habit to thank them. It's common courtesy. Simply tweet @username Thanks for RT :-) and send.
The Big Decision
It is probably time now to make a big decision as it will affect the way in which you use Twitter considerably. That decision relates to quality versus quantity. If you are into marketing, than quantity of followers will be important to you. It's like building a list. But if you want to keep things personal, then quality of followers will be what you need. Either way, the next step will be to find some people to follow.
Gaining Followers
You need to first be aware that rushing out and following a heap of people can make you look like a potential Twitter spammer. Build your following base slowly. As time goes on, if you are chasing quantity, then you will be able to add more at a time, but initially I would suggest you stick to 50 for a start. The reason for this is that when you follow people, they will most likely follow you back. Many people don't do this automatically, although some do, particularly in the internet marketing space. Some people will actually go and look at your Twitter home page to decide if you are worth following or not in their eyes. This is where your profile and the settings that you took all the trouble to do will stand you in good stead.
Some Good People To Start With
Here are just a few people that you can start following straight away. They are included because they are great exponents of Twitter and you will learn a lot simply by watching their tweets. You will see their style of using Twitter and can emulate the good points and leave out what you don't like in developing your own style. They will all follow you back too usually, so you will build your own follower base. All these people have large follower bases which they have built by being active, engaging and providing value to others on Twitter.
Ange Recchia aka @angesbiz
Ange Recchia here better known as @angesbiz on Twitter and many other Social Networks. I'm a Social Media and SEO Consultant/Coach for WebVision2020 Pty Ltd and write about Twitter at I also love to write about Personal Development at You should follow me because I am on the most incredible journey of my life at the moment, I love to meet new tweeps and share interesting links while engaging in conversation. In other words, I like to be Social!
Follow Ange at
Ric Raftis aka @RicRaftis
I am a Business Coach, Internet & Affiliate Marketer and Web Designer who loves Twitter & Joomla. I am also a Cagora Community Partner in 5 Worlds. I am also a Geek! Follow me and I will follow back. Engage me and I will answer. I love to meet new people and make new friends and Twitter is a great way to do it. I also run the Help Via Twitter site at where you can get answers to all sorts of questions on the Forum where you aren't restricted to questions of 140 characters.
Follow Ric at
Mike Wesely aka @Mike_Wesely
Hello, I sure hope ur having a "Twonderful Day". Mostly Smart People Follow Me!!! If You're Not, You probably Wouldn't Like Me Anyway. Also, if your Smart, you should go to and watch, were we teach people how to use twitter more effectively. Check Out the Achieved shows at bottom. If for some reason You get bored there, Liven up your day by going to Oh but most importantly, say hello to me using the @Mike_Wesely at the beginning of your post. I always try to respond. That is the Respectful way :-)
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Michele Price aka @ProsperityGal
Twucess twith, you learn twit tip and we showcase Tweeps every week, who you are and what you do so you can build a strong networking well. I am a heartfelt business woman who shows you easy ways to connect and succeed, oh I cook a mean pot roast too, giggle. p.s. love to tweet inspirational quotes to get you to thinking in a focus that takes you where you want to BE.
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Wayne Mansfield aka @WayneMansfield
After many years as a Internet Marketer I have come late to Twitter. My business is the staging of seminars in Australia, NZ, India and the Middle East on business and personal education. Twitter is someting else... there is a level of engagement on Twitter that allows the meeting new people. To get the best from Twitter, I always follow you back and try yo respond to your messages. Fun is Twitter and you will see the banter betyween myself and quite a few people. Real friendship are built on Twitter. Retweeting is the ultimate compliment to the posts of others - when you RT RT you are sharing inspiring words - great quotes are vitamins for the brain....I retweet good tweets all the time and enjoy a good quote or two. Make sure you say hello so we can get to know each other.
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Ivy Clark aka @IvyClark
I'm a freelance web generalist (web designer/developer/information architect) passionate about usable web design and I guess I'm geeky as I love new toys. My hobbies are varied depending on my mood - gardening, nature walks, jewellery making, scrapbooking, surfing the web, reading or just basking in the sun . I'm still relatively new to Perth, having moved here from Singapore just 6 months ago, so I'm really enjoying the newness and excitement that everything brings . I love making contact with like-minded folk and love how we can share ideas, knowledge and learn from everyone we connect with in Twitter.
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Well, that should get you going with a few people and there is a good cross-section there of people and styles.

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